In BioDimiourgia IVF Centre we have treated the wish of childless couples to bear a child with responsibility and respect for eighteen years.

Since Louise Brown's birth in the UK in 1978 (the first child born via in vitro fertilisation), many couples have succeeded in giving birth to babies, thus making their dream come true.

Our principal concern is to fully inform the interested couple about their issue, approaching them with responsibility and sensitivity. We apply individualised treatment methods adapted to the specificities and requirements of each case.

As an IVF Centre, we have our scientific horizons open, always keeping abreast of the most recent developments in assisted reproduction technologies and methods. This is attested by the high success and performance rates of our Centre.

Our team of highly qualified staff, respect for bioethical standards and management integrity have established our IVF Centre among the most acknowledged. 

Working closely with the couple who come to our Centre, we are able to overcome any fertility issues and find the appropriate way for them to leave any setback behind them.

More than 5,000 children have been born by means of IVF in our Centre. Our methods are safe and yield fruit very soon, following the expert instructions of BioDimiourgia's qualified gynaecologists.

Every single childbirth is an accomplishment that fills us with satisfaction.

Feel free to discover the miracle of human life that can be achieved by means of our methods.