Sperm retrieval and processing

The husband must provide us with sperm in a special container on that same morning. Three to five days of abstinence is recommended. Sperm collection may take place before or during egg retrieval. It may also be collected at home provided that you have got a special sterilised container and that you can deliver it to the Centre within 45 minutes.

Then, the sperm sample is specially processed in order to identify and isolate the most motile and morphologically normal spermatozoa. This process imitates the normal capacitation that sperm undergo in the Fallopian tubes in order to become capable of fertilizing an egg cell.

Following this process, the spermatozoa remain in nutrient agar under culture conditions until they are placed with eggs. If the sperm specimen is inadequate, we request of the husband to provide a second specimen several hours later. In special cases where the ejaculate contains no sperm, it is possible to apply the ICSI method, using sperm retrieved from the epididymis or testis following biopsy.