Assisted Hatching (ΑΗ)

One of the essential processes that must occur in order to give a fetus pregnancy, is able to break the transparent zone (Zona Pellucida: ZP) surrounding it and hatched. Only then can interact with the endometrium and implanted.

There are indications that in some cases failure of the embryo to implant, due to their reduced ability to make the hatching process.

This mainly refers to cases with previous implantation failures with good quality embryos but have been investigated and in cases of embryo transfer with transparent thicker zone - denser than normal, in embryo transfers of frozen embryos (which according to some opinions, we harden the ZP because of freezing) and in embryos of older women.

In these cases there is a way to help, laboratory, the embryos to hatch, a process called Assisted Hatching (Assisted Hatching: AH). This term refers to the creation of a hole (zona drilling) or thinning (zona thinning) of a small region of the embryo ZP. There are several methods to achieve this such as using the minimum quantity of acid (acid Tyrode's solution), mechanical (with micropipettes) or with laser assistance.

It should however be noted that, at present, there is insufficient evidence to establish the Assisted Hatching as a routine procedure for all patients who come to IVF attempt.