In the past decade a different way of embryo and oocyte freezing has been gaining ground in assisted reproductive technology. This novel method is called vitrification, i.e. glass-like solidification.

Embryos and oocytes are exposed to high concentrations of cryoprotectants before being submerged into filtered liquid nitrogen at a very fast cooling rate (approx. -20000 degrees/min). Hence, the entire solution passes from a liquid to a "vitrified" solid state. In this manner, ice crystal formation in the solution containing the cells and within cells is avoided, thus preventing damages to embryos and/or oocytes.

Vitrification has considerably improved survival and pregnancy rates, especially when blastocysts and oocytes are frozen.

In BioDimiourgia we have successfully applied vitrification as a freezing method for oocytes and embryos at all development stages since 2006.