Egg Retrieval

You will be required to come to our Centre for egg retrieval on the morning after the following day (i.e. about 34 hours after the midnight injection of Pregnyl, Profasi or Ovitrelle). Plan to have the entire morning free as you will be sedated and given pain relief medication. Therefore, you should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before. It is important that you thoroughly wash your genital area and that you avoid any scented products or perfumes. The qualified anaesthesiologist will take a short interview from you. Make sure that you report anything related to previous surgeries you may have had. It is very important that you let him know of any drugs you may take, any allergic reaction you may had to some drug or any health condition. Do not forget to report any heart problems that may have been diagnosed. All this information is in your medical history but it is always safe to discuss it again with the anaesthesiologist.

Before the egg retrieval you will see the embryologist, who will request your data (father's name, name, spouse name and surname). This is to verify your identity one last time.

Egg retrieval is performed by ultrasound-guided transvaginal needle aspiration of follicles. We use transvaginal ultrasound equipped with an aspiration needle probe. Follicles are penetrated one by one, the follicular liquid is aspirated and transferred immediately to the lab, where embryologists examine it to identify the egg. Once the egg is identified, it is isolated from the follicular fluid, transferred to a Petri dish with nutrient medium, which is then placed in the incubator in culture conditions.