Ovarian Hyperstimulation

The effort to produce a high number of mature eggs may result in ovarian hyperstimulation, particularly in women with polycystic ovaries (PCO) who tend to produce a high number of follicles. Ovarian hyperstimulation is an unpleasant situation with an occurence rate of 1 - 2 % and it involves significant swelling of the ovaries, intraperitoneal fluid accumulation, tendency to vomit and breathing difficulties.

The treatment is conservative and involves correction of body fluids, administration of medication to fight nausea, pain etc. Such medication does not affect pregnancy in any manner whatsoever. Ovarian hyperstimulation is usually triggered by the hormones of an upcoming pregnancy. Therefore, hyperstimulation poses absolutely no threats to pregnancy; on the contrary. it is the condition that often causes pregnancy.

The severity of hyperstimulation varies and requires close medical attention. If, following embryotransfer, you notice significant swelling of the abdomen, indigestion, abdominal pain, tendency to vomit etc., you should immediately contact our Centre for instructions.