Stimulation Phase

Ovarian stimulation is the most intensive phase of the treatment. The medication administered contains FSH and LH gonadotropins in different ratios. These injections contain the same hormones as those naturally released by the pituitary gland, in order to stimulate the ovaries for follicles to grow, mature and, finally, ovulate.

In IVF, a large number of eggs is necessary, hence the hormones are administered in larger doses. They are safe drugs, as they have been used since 1960 and different epidemiological studies have not associated them with cancer or other adverse events.

During ovarian stimulation you may experience mild discomfort in your lower abdomen due to the enlargement of your ovaries as a result of their response to the treatment.

Neither during suppression nor during stimulation phase will you need to change your life style (e.g. work, diet, sexual activity etc.)

The medication used is marketed under the trade names Gonal F, Puregon, Elonva, Bravelle or Altermon containing only FSH, as well as Menopur, Merional or Pergoveris containing FSH and LH. Luveris, containing only LH, is used as adjuvant treatment. These drugs have similar efficacy (bioactivity) and none seems to be superior to the others. The hormones are administered via subcutaneous injections. You will receive individualised instructions on the appropriate gonadotropin doses for you.

The first day of injections is called 1st stimulation day.
Attention: During the treatment with Puregon, Gonal F, Elonva, Bravelle, Merional, Altermon or Menopur, you continue taking analogues (Daronda, Suprefact or Arvekap) regularly. If antagonists (orgalutran or cetrotide) are used for suppression, you should start taking them on the 6th day of stimulation.